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Pediatric Dentistry in Centennial

Pediatric Dentistry

Your Child’s Answer to A Healthy Smile For Life!

Most kids aren’t very fond of visiting the dentist, but for parents who find the perfect pediatric or family dentist for their kids, the benefits can save families years of stress at the dentist.

Dr. Benjamin Bassett from Hampden Family Dental understands that children as young as two years old form their first impression of the dentist early-on, and carry that memory through life. A positive experience can make all the difference between a child who feels excited to brush, floss and sing the “toothbrush song”, or avoiding the dentist out of fear.

Set your child up for a lifetime of dental success with gentle pediatric dentistry in Centennial! We welcome patients of all ages to become part of our close-knit community when you call (303) 758-1113 to schedule an appointment.

Prevention is Key

Dental health is mostly about prevention, and the key to prevention is starting it as early as possible. Dental health for children is so important, because they can learn to practice good dental hygiene habits before they encounter any nasty dental health issues in future.

Pediatric dentistry is best begun when your child is still a baby. You should take your kid/kids into the dentist before they turn two years old so they can have their teeth cleaned and have any cavities taken care of while they are still small and easy to handle. This is a good practice especially if you aren’t comfortable with brushing your baby’s teeth yet, and dentists like Dr. Bassett are experienced at removing any bacteria and plaque that could lead to problem down the road.

Good Hygiene Habits

For kids who are old enough to understand instructions from a dentist, it’s extremely important to teach them about dental health and tips they can use to keep their teeth healthy. Some information they should be given includes;

● How to brush their teeth
● How to floss their teeth
● How to use mouthwash
● What foods are most harmful to their teeth
● What will happen if they don’t brush their teeth

In addition to these good habits, children also need to know about the variety of terrible problems they have awaiting them in the future should they not brush their teeth. This includes stuff like;

● Rotting Teeth
● Cavities
● Gum Disease
● The Need for Dentures
● Bad Breath

Let Us Help!

If you want to save your child the pain and inconvenience of a myriad of different dental health issues, you need to introduce them to pediatric dentistry. If you want a dentist who can make your child look forward to coming to the dentist and get them excited about keep their teeth clean, look no further than Dr. Benjamin Bassett of Hampden Family Dental.

Hampden Family is a family oriented dental practice with strong values around patient care. It’s located at 7090 E. Hampden Ave. – Suite A, Denver, CO 80224. Get in touch with us today at (303) 758-1113 and get your kids on the track to good dental health


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